5 shades - LCM King size cones shades of one color 40wt polyester 5000m
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10 LCM King Size Cones
5,000m 40wt polyester
Our Price:
5000m LCM King Cone - White or Black
40wt, polyester
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5 LCM Fresh Neon Shades - 5000m
high quality, nice sheen, 1000m, 40wt polyester embroidery
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Invisible thread - 5000m
Clear, very strong thread with little stretch; great for quilting, beading and making jewelry.
Strong cord - 4 pack
2500m Silver Metallic Thread
High quality metallic, wonderful sheen, 2500m, 40wt embroidery, Runs great with the Thread Sock.
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Textured Poly Serger
high quality, nice sheen, 5000m